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Season 4:
Ended on March 02, 2005
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Season: 4
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 19, 2003 Chapter Sixty-Seven
E2 Sep 26, 2003 Chapter Sixty-Eight
E3 Oct 03, 2003 Chapter Sixty-Nine
E4 Oct 17, 2003 Chapter Seventy
E5 Oct 24, 2003 Chapter Seventy-One
E6 Oct 31, 2003 Chapter Seventy-Two
E7 Nov 07, 2003 Chapter Seventy-Three
E8 Dec 05, 2003 Chapter Seventy-Four
E9 Jan 09, 2004 Chapter Seventy-Five
E10 Dec 19, 2003 Chapter Seventy-Six
E11 Jan 16, 2004 Chapter Seventy-Seven
E12 Jan 23, 2004 Chapter Seventy-Eight
E13 Jan 30, 2004 Chapter Seventy-Nine
E14 Mar 01, 2005 Chapter Eighty
E15 Mar 02, 2005 Chapter Eighty-One
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Series Overview:
Boston Public, a TV show that aired on FOX, dives into the lives of teachers and students at Winslow High School in Boston. It showcases the challenges they face daily, both inside and outside the classroom. The series is known for tackling tough issues like racism, violence, and sexual harassment with a mix of drama and humor. It provides viewers with a raw look into the American public school system, highlighting the dedication of educators despite overwhelming odds. Although Boston Public has ended, it left a lasting impression on its audience. If you're hoping for its return, sign up for a reminder just in case it makes an unexpected comeback. Generated by ChatGPT4.
2000 - 2005
Drama, Comedy
United States
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