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Season 4:
Ended on August 19, 1988
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Season: 4
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Spunky Spartans vs. Do-Flippies
E2 Dead Heads (Mike & Danielle) vs. Freak Outs (Christine & Mike)
E3 Chump Changes (Maryann & Vincent) vs. Chilly Chillers (Stephanie & Danny)
E4 Wackos (Kenny & Wendy) vs. Off The Walls (Frank & Chantel)
E5 Twin Trouble vs. Copper Toppers
E6 Belgian Waffles vs. K-Jen Spice
E7 Dynamic Duo vs. Awesome Twosome
E8 Thunder and Lightning (Brian & Stephanie) vs. Frantastic Taramedics (Fran & Tara)
E9 Dominating Duo (Becky & Stephen) vs. Airborne Dictionaries (April & Stephen)
E10 Blue Slimers (Richard & Katrina) vs. Red Devils (Jamil & Katherine)
E11 Eliminators (Chris & Jennifer) vs. Psychedelic Cream Team (Jamie & Sebastian)
E12 Screaming Eagles vs. Dream Team
E13 Humongous Hippos (Matt & June) vs. Sweet Sensations (Nancy & LaShae)
E14 Bob Cats (Stephanie & Michael) vs. Bionic Brussel Sprouts (Bev & Jeff)
E15 Gyros (Tam & Jennifer) vs. Dictionary Dudes (Tanya & Chris)
E16 Barneys vs. Wild Ones
E17 Screaming Meatballs vs. Shamalama Ding Dongs
E18 Gruesome Twosome (Dennis & Marina) vs. Roaring High Tides (Harry & Lisa)
E19 Wallbangers vs. Agitators
E20 Rude Dudes vs. Wiz Kids
E21 Nuclear Puppies (Debbie & Anthony) vs. Red Hots (Janine & Rich)
E22 Peanut Gallery (Dave & Stephanie) vs. Bala Bashers (Brian & Morley)
E23 Breakfast Club vs. Snoozer Doozers
E24 Other Team (Wit & Josh) vs. Live Wires (Darby & Jennifer)
E25 Tremendous Two vs. Slimy Shaders
E26 Silver Eagles (Leanne & Brian) vs. Jaguars (Rachel & Jason)
E27 Slime Squad vs. Jaw Breakers
E28 Mechanical Messups vs. Wild Weirdos
E29 Whippersnappers (Brian & Kiwana) vs. Psychotic Bananas (Justin & Nicole)
E30 Pasta People (Adam & Nicole) vs. Ro Jos (Joanna & Roger)
E31 East-West Connection vs. Two Wonders of the World
E32 Crazy Critters vs. Burton Express
E33 Big Boppers (R.J. & Lisa) vs. Radical Raisins (Jessica & Raoul)
E34 Elite Evolution vs. Slime Balls
E35 Demolitions vs. Energizers
E36 Center Squares (Brian & Danielle) vs. Totally Tubular Twosome (David & Carrie)
E37 Wit Pains (Greg & Monica) vs. Ghastly Goobers (Joy & Stacey)
E38 Peacemakers vs. Devils
E39 Ultimate Two (Alicia & Lindy) vs. Flying Eyeballs (Ed & Carla)
E40 Panthers vs. Red Hot Redskins
E41 Out of the Blue (Terry & Amy) vs. The Vulcans (Steve & Sue)
E42 Swanky Fellows (Josh & Cara) vs. Flaming Envelopes
E43 Zucchini Misers vs. Vipers
E44 Money Munchers vs. Terminating Twosome
E45 DD Connection (David & Dana) vs. Screaming Eagles (Colleen & Dan)
E46 Bayside Bombers (Jerry Suprian & Amy) vs. Chargers (Josie Davis & Chris)
E47 High Voltage (Jerry Suprain & Mary Jo) vs. Radical Reds (Josie Davis & David)
E48 Pacers vs. Salt and Pepper
E49 Digital Jitters vs. Wall Street Journals
E50 Crazy Critters vs. Wonderbirds
E51 Hollywood & Vine (Jeremy Miller & Kristen) vs. Wacky Weasels (Candace Cameron & Alex)
E52 Lightning Bolts (Jeremy Miller & Kira) vs. Cream Puffs (Candace Cameron & Quentin)
E53 Mobilizers (Candice Cameron & Shannon) vs. Chernobyl Children (Jeremy Miller & Brian)
E54 Silly C's vs. Master Blasters
E55 Chisel Heads vs. Collaborating Crusaders
E56 California Sunbeamers vs. Super Sonics
E57 Dogit Crüe (David Faustino & Jennifer) vs. Entrepreneurs (Staci Keenan & Eddie)
E58 Public Enemies (David Faustino & LaFia) vs. Illegal Eagles (Staci Keenan & Scott)
E59 Chauvinists (David Faustino & Louis ) vs. Feminists (Staci Keenan & Muffy)
E60 Aug 19, 1988 Hot Pursuit (David Faustino & Jennifer) vs. Spaghetti & Meatball (Staci Keenan & Mike)
E61 Beach Bums (Amy & Ben) vs. Outrageous Ogres (John & Tammy)
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Series Overview:
"Double Dare," a popular game show on Nickelodeon, is an exciting mix of trivia questions and messy physical challenges. Two teams compete against each other to win prizes by answering questions or completing wacky tasks that often involve slime! The highlight for many fans is the obstacle course at the end, where contestants race through a series of fun but challenging obstacles. Hosted by Marc Summers, the show was a hit among kids and families for its entertaining blend of knowledge and humor. Although "Double Dare" has ended, sign up for a reminder just in case it returns. You wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun if it comes back! Generated by ChatGPT4.
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1986 - 1988
Game Show, Family, Comedy
United States
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