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S1 E16 airs on Thu April 18th, 2024
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E1 Jan 04, 2024 水炊き/タルト
E2 Jan 11, 2024 ローストバジリスク/オムレツ/かき揚げ
E3 Jan 18, 2024 動く鎧
E4 Jan 25, 2024 キャベツ煮/オーク
E5 Feb 01, 2024 おやつ/ソルベ
E6 Feb 08, 2024 宮廷料理/塩茹で
E7 Feb 15, 2024 水棲馬/雑炊/蒲焼き
E8 Feb 22, 2024 木苺/焼き肉
E9 Feb 29, 2024 テンタクルス/シチュー
E10 Mar 07, 2024 大ガエル/地上にて
E11 Mar 14, 2024 炎竜1
E12 Mar 21, 2024 炎竜2
E13 Mar 28, 2024 炎竜3/良薬
E14 Apr 04, 2024 シーサーペント
E15 Apr 11, 2024 ドライアド/コカトリス
E16 Apr 18, 2024 TBA
E17 Apr 25, 2024 TBA
E18 May 02, 2024 TBA
E19 May 09, 2024 TBA
E20 May 16, 2024 TBA
E21 May 23, 2024 TBA
E22 May 30, 2024 TBA
E23 Jun 06, 2024 TBA
E24 Jun 13, 2024 TBA
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Series Overview:
Delicious in Dungeon is an exciting and captivating anime series that is currently airing its first season on AT-X. Set in a fantasy world, the show follows a group of adventurers on a perilous quest to rescue their missing comrade from the depths of a dangerous dungeon. However, what sets this series apart is its unique twist: instead of relying solely on traditional weapons and magic, the characters must survive by cooking and eating the various monsters they encounter! With stunning animation, thrilling action, and a dash of humor, Delicious in Dungeon season 1 is a must-watch for fans of fantasy and adventure. Don't miss out on the excitement, sign up for a reminder to catch the next episode! Generated by ChatGPT4.
2024 - 2024
Food, Fantasy, Comedy, Animation, Adventure, Action, Anime
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