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S7 E5 airs on Fri June 21st, 2024
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Season: 7
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 May 31, 2024 River of Never-Ending Gold
E2 Jun 07, 2024 The Floating Gold City
E3 Jun 07, 2024 Bull's Blood
E4 Jun 14, 2024 Motherlode M.I.A.
E5 Jun 21, 2024 Billion Dollar Deal
E6 Jun 28, 2024 Hard Rock Holy Grail
E7 Jul 05, 2024 Miner's Paradise
E8 Jul 19, 2024 The Goldilocks Claim
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Gold Rush: Parker's Trail Season 7 takes viewers on an exhilarating journey with Parker Schnabel, a young gold miner stepping out from his grandfather's shadow to make his mark in the gold mining world. This season, Parker and his team venture into uncharted territories, facing extreme conditions and challenging terrains in their relentless pursuit of gold. With new locations come new risks, but the promise of striking it rich drives them forward. Their adventures are not just about mining; they're about camaraderie, overcoming obstacles, and the thrill of discovery. If you're captivated by tales of adventure and determination, don't miss out—Season 7 is currently running. Sign up for a reminder to catch every moment of this gripping series on Discovery Channel. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2017 - 2024
Reality, Documentary
United States
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