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Lycoris Recoil

Tokyo MX
Season 1:
Ended on September 24, 2022
Season 1 Air Dates
E1 Jul 02, 2022 Easy does it
E2 Jul 09, 2022 The more the merrier
E3 Jul 16, 2022 More haste, less speed
E4 Jul 23, 2022 Nothing seek, nothing find
E5 Jul 30, 2022 So far, so good
E6 Aug 06, 2022 Opposites attract
E7 Aug 13, 2022 Time will tell
E8 Aug 20, 2022 Another day, another dollar
E9 Aug 27, 2022 What’s done is done
E10 Sep 03, 2022 Repay evil with evil
E11 Sep 10, 2022 Diamond cut diamond
E12 Sep 17, 2022 Nature versus nurture
E13 Sep 24, 2022 Recoil of Lycoris
Season Summaries:
  1 Seasons
13 Episodes
2022 - 2022
Season 1
13 Episodes
Jul 02, 2022 - Sep 24, 2022
Series Overview:
Lycoris Recoil, a captivating TV show aired on Tokyo MX, takes viewers on an exhilarating journey in its first season. Set in a futuristic Tokyo, the series follows the story of a young protagonist named Hiroshi, who discovers a hidden power within himself. As Hiroshi delves deeper into his newfound abilities, he becomes entangled in a thrilling battle against a secret organization seeking to control his powers for their nefarious purposes. With a perfect blend of action, suspense, and mystery, Lycoris Recoil keeps audiences on the edge of their seats throughout its gripping first season. Season 1 concluded on September 24, 2022, so don't forget to sign up for a reminder to catch the next installment!
Comedy, Animation, Action, Anime
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