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Season 7:
Ended on May 14, 2006
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Season: 7
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 30, 2005 Burning Man
E2 Oct 07, 2005 Health Insurance
E3 Oct 14, 2005 Reese vs. Stevie
E4 Oct 28, 2005 Halloween
E5 Nov 04, 2005 Jessica Stays Over
E6 Nov 11, 2005 Secret Boyfriend
E7 Nov 18, 2005 Blackout
E8 Dec 02, 2005 Army Buddy
E9 Dec 16, 2005 Malcolm Defends Reese
E10 Jan 06, 2006 Malcolm's Money
E11 Jan 13, 2006 Bride of Ida
E12 Jan 29, 2006 College Recruiters
E13 Feb 12, 2006 Mono
E14 Feb 19, 2006 Hal Grieves
E15 Mar 05, 2006 A.A.
E16 Mar 19, 2006 Lois Strikes Back
E17 Mar 26, 2006 Hal's Dentist
E18 Apr 02, 2006 Bomb Shelter
E19 Apr 09, 2006 Stevie in the Hospital
E20 Apr 16, 2006 Cattle Court
E21 Apr 23, 2006 Morp
E22 May 14, 2006 Graduation
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Series Overview:
Malcolm in the Middle, a popular television show that aired on FOX, provided an entertaining glimpse into the life of a dysfunctional yet relatable middle-class family. With its witty humor and clever storytelling, the show followed the misadventures of Malcolm, a highly intelligent teenager, and his unique siblings, as they navigated the challenges of adolescence. The series expertly captured the ups and downs of family dynamics, highlighting the chaotic yet loving nature of the Wilkerson family. Although Malcolm in the Middle has ended, fans can still sign up for a reminder just in case the show returns, allowing them to relive the laughter and nostalgia it brought to their screens. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2000 - 2006
Family, Comedy
United States
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