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Mythic Quest

Apple TV+
Season 3:
Ended on January 06, 2023
Season 3 Air Dates
E1 Nov 11, 2022 Across the Universe
E2 Nov 11, 2022 Partners
E3 Nov 18, 2022 Crushing It
E4 Nov 23, 2022 The Two Joes
E5 Dec 02, 2022 Playpen
E6 Dec 09, 2022 The 12 Hours of Christmas
E7 Dec 16, 2022 Sarian
E8 Dec 23, 2022 To Catch a Mouse
E9 Dec 30, 2022 The Year of Phil
E10 Jan 06, 2023 Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Season Summaries:
  3 Seasons
30 Episodes
2020 - 2023
Season 3
10 Episodes
Nov 11, 2022 - Jan 06, 2023
Season 2
9 Episodes
May 07, 2021 - Jun 25, 2021
Season 1
11 Episodes
Feb 07, 2020 - Apr 16, 2021
Series Overview:
Mythic Quest is an exhilarating TV show that offers a captivating blend of comedy and drama. Season 3, which concluded on January 06, 2023, takes viewers on an enthralling journey through the world of video game development. Set in the eccentric offices of the fictional company Mythic Quest, the show delves into the lives of the quirky and diverse team behind the popular game. As the characters navigate personal and professional challenges, viewers are treated to a rollercoaster of emotions, from side-splitting laughter to heartfelt moments. With its sharp writing, brilliant performances, and relatable characters, Mythic Quest on Apple TV+ is a must-watch for gamers and fans of engaging storytelling. Don't miss out on the next season—sign up for a reminder and prepare for more thrilling adventures!
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