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Season 2:
Ended on April 28, 2017
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Season: 2
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 22, 2016 Forward Motion and Frat Life
E2 Sep 29, 2016 Secrets and Silent Killers
E3 Oct 06, 2016 Eddie and the Empire State of Mind
E4 Oct 13, 2016 Boatopsy & Booty
E5 Oct 27, 2016 Spirochete and Santeria
E6 Nov 03, 2016 Tree Toxin and Three Stories
E7 Nov 10, 2016 Lidocaine and Long-Term Lust
E8 Nov 17, 2016 Prosopagnosia & Parrotfish
E9 Dec 01, 2016 Half-Life & Havana Nights
E10 Jan 06, 2017 Bacterium & the Brothers Panitch
E11 Jan 13, 2017 Mummies & Meltdowns
E12 Jan 20, 2017 Asphyxiation & Aces
E13 Jan 27, 2017 Puffer Fish & Personal History
E14 Feb 03, 2017 White Matter & the Ways Back
E15 Feb 10, 2017 Clavicle Trauma & Closure
E16 Feb 17, 2017 Benzodiazepine & The Benjamins
E17 Feb 24, 2017 Radiation & Rough Landings
E18 Mar 31, 2017 Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths
E19 Apr 07, 2017 Naegleria & Neighborhood Watch
E20 Apr 14, 2017 Calliphoridae & Country Roads
E21 Apr 21, 2017 Amparo & the American Dream
E22 Apr 28, 2017 Blistering Heat & Brotherly Love
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Series Overview:
Rosewood, a captivating television series that aired on FOX, has ended, leaving fans yearning for more. This thrilling crime drama followed the life of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., a charismatic and brilliant private pathologist in Miami. With his unparalleled expertise in forensics, Rosewood aided the local police in solving complex murder cases. Alongside the tough and determined Detective Annalise Villa, the duo formed an unlikely partnership, unraveling mysteries and uncovering secrets within the city's dark underbelly. Filled with suspense, witty banter, and heartwarming moments, Rosewood kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Although the show has concluded, fans can sign up for a reminder, just in case it returns to the small screen, providing them with another dose of thrilling investigations and captivating storytelling. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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2015 - 2017
Drama, Crime, Mystery
United States
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