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Season 5:
Ended on February 04, 2000
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Season: 5
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Jun 11, 1999 The Unstuck Man
E2 Jun 18, 1999 Applied Physics
E3 Jun 25, 1999 Strangers and Comrades
E4 Jul 09, 1999 The Great Work
E5 Jul 16, 1999 New Gods for Old
E6 Jul 23, 1999 Please Press One
E7 Jul 30, 1999 A Current Affair
E8 Aug 06, 1999 The Java Jive
E9 Aug 13, 1999 The Return of Maggie Beckett
E10 Aug 20, 1999 Easy Slider
E11 Sep 10, 1999 Requiem
E12 Sep 17, 1999 Map of the Mind
E13 Sep 24, 1999 A Thousand Deaths
E14 Oct 01, 1999 Heavy Metal
E15 Jan 14, 2000 To Catch a Slider
E16 Jan 21, 2000 Dust
E17 Jan 28, 2000 Eye of the Storm
E18 Feb 04, 2000 The Seer
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Series Overview:
Sliders, a captivating television show that aired on FOX, takes viewers on a thrilling journey through parallel universes. The series centers around a group of four adventurers, led by the brilliant Quinn Mallory, who discover a way to travel between different dimensions. Each episode showcases the team's encounters with alternate versions of Earth, where history has taken divergent paths. From encountering a world ruled by dinosaurs to witnessing a society where communism reigns supreme, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately, Sliders has ended, leaving fans yearning for more. However, don't despair! Sign up for a reminder just in case this mind-bending show returns to our screens, allowing us to continue exploring the infinite realms of the multiverse. Generated by ChatGPT4.
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1995 - 2000
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
United States
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