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Season 17:
Ended on May 05, 2024
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Season: 17
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Jun 11, 2023 Jeffrey Mundt and Joey Banis
E2 Jun 18, 2023 U'Dreka Andrews and Danny Brown
E3 Jun 25, 2023 Charles Chumbler and Michael Kariakis
E4 Jul 02, 2023 Liz Rogan and Tony DePuisaye-Greene
E5 Jul 09, 2023 Nadya Swartz and Justin Hooker
E6 Jul 16, 2023 Jennifer Smith and Dale Moneypenny
E7 Jul 23, 2023 Susan and Blane Barksdale
E8 Jul 30, 2023 Ilene Lazar and Francis Riccio
E9 Aug 06, 2023 Britney Overton and Justin Blake
E10 Aug 13, 2023 Xaveriana Cook and Hunter Carlstrom
E11 Mar 03, 2024 Ellen Friar and Gavin MacFarlane
E12 Mar 10, 2024 Shayne Lovera and Brett Rae
E13 Mar 17, 2024 Shanika Robinson and Isiah Genus
E14 Mar 24, 2024 Jennifer Bailey and Paul Henson
E15 Mar 31, 2024 Amanda Noverr and Adam Williams
E16 Apr 07, 2024 Patricia Sexton and Michael Fielding
E17 Apr 14, 2024 Brenda Dixon and Elbert Holder
E18 Apr 21, 2024 Crystal Brinson and Byron Boutin
E19 Apr 28, 2024 Patricia Aldridge and Mitchell Vickers
E20 May 05, 2024 Monica Diaz and Michael Naranjo
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Series Overview:
"Snapped: Killer Couples" Season 17 on Oxygen is a gripping series that delves into the dark and twisted world of romantic relationships turned deadly. Each episode unfolds a new tale of love gone horribly wrong, where passion leads to betrayal, and ultimately, murder. Viewers are taken on a chilling journey through real-life cases, featuring interviews with those closest to the crimes including family members, law enforcement, and even the culprits themselves. The show masterfully combines elements of mystery, drama, and true crime, leaving audiences both horrified and fascinated. Season 17 ended on May 05, 2024 - sign up for a reminder not to miss this compelling exploration of fatal attractions and murderous motives. Generated by ChatGPT4.
2013 - 2024
Reality, Documentary, Crime
United States
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