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E1 Sep 29, 2023 冒険の終わり
E2 Sep 29, 2023 別に魔法じゃなくたって…
E3 Sep 29, 2023 人を殺す魔法
E4 Sep 29, 2023 魂の眠る地
E5 Oct 06, 2023 死者の幻影
E6 Oct 13, 2023 村の英雄
E7 Oct 20, 2023 おとぎ話のようなもの
E8 Oct 27, 2023 葬送のフリーレン
E9 Nov 03, 2023 断頭台のアウラ
E10 Nov 10, 2023 強い魔法使い
E11 Nov 17, 2023 北側諸国の冬
E12 Nov 24, 2023 本物の勇者
E13 Dec 01, 2023 同族嫌悪
E14 Dec 08, 2023 若者の特権
E15 Dec 15, 2023 厄介事の匂い
E16 Dec 22, 2023 長寿友達
E17 Jan 05, 2024 じゃあ元気で
E18 Jan 12, 2024 一級魔法使い選抜試験
E19 Jan 19, 2024 入念な計画
E20 Jan 26, 2024 必要な殺し
E21 Feb 02, 2024 魔法の世界
E22 Feb 09, 2024 次からは敵同士
E23 Feb 16, 2024 迷宮攻略
E24 Feb 23, 2024 完璧な複製体
E25 Mar 01, 2024 致命的な隙
E26 Mar 08, 2024 TBA
E27 Mar 15, 2024 TBA
E28 Mar 22, 2024 TBA
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Series Overview:
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is an exhilarating TV show currently running its first season on Nippon TV. This captivating series takes viewers on an extraordinary adventure filled with action, fantasy, and emotion. The story revolves around the character Frieren, an immortal witch who has lived for centuries. However, she yearns for mortality and embarks on a journey to find a way to end her immortality. Throughout the season, Frieren encounters various challenges, forms unlikely alliances, and uncovers the secrets of her existence. With stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and unforgettable characters, Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is a must-watch for anyone seeking an enthralling and thought-provoking TV experience. Don't miss out on the excitement; sign up for a reminder to catch this thrilling series!
Nippon TV
2023 - 2024
Fantasy, Drama, Animation, Adventure, Anime
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