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Season: 5
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E1 Feb 25, 2024 All American Marinara
E2 Mar 03, 2024 Ice Cream Revolution
E3 Mar 10, 2024 Soda Rising: Birth of Pop
E4 Mar 17, 2024 Sunshine in a Glass
E5 Mar 24, 2024 Let Them Bake Cake
E6 Mar 31, 2024 Penny Candy Craze
E7 Apr 14, 2024 Champions of Breakfast
E8 Apr 21, 2024 Planet Mars
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The Food That Built America is a popular TV show on the History Channel that explores the fascinating stories behind some of America's most iconic foods and the people who created them. Season 5 delves into the origins of beloved brands like Coca-Cola, Hershey's, and McDonald's, revealing the incredible journeys of their founders and the impact they had on American culture. From humble beginnings to global success, viewers will be captivated by the tales of innovation, perseverance, and triumph that shaped the foods we know and love today. Season 5 is currently running, so be sure to sign up for a reminder to catch the latest episodes. Generated by ChatGPT4.
History Channel
2019 - 2024
Food, Documentary, History
United States
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