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Season 1:
Ended on September 06, 2006
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Season: 1
# Air Date Episode Name Watched?
E1 Sep 04, 2006 Beading A Necklace
E2 Sep 06, 2006 Making Origami
E3 At The Humane Society
E4 Making Balloon Animals
E5 Making An Upside-Down Pineapple Cake
E6 Snowboarding
E7 Taking Care Of Horses
E8 Making A Snowman
E9 Cross-Country Skiing
E10 Making A Clay Dolphin
E11 Learning About Snakes
E12 Learning Karate
E13 Making Sushi
E14 At An Ice Hotel
E15 Ice Fishing
E16 Touring Quebec City
E17 Making A Stuffed Animal
E18 Making Bubble Tea
E19 Learning An African Dance
E20 At An Amusement Park
E21 Knitting
E22 Putting On A Puppet Show
E23 On An Easter Egg Hunt
E24 Playing Basketball
E25 With The Paramedics
E26 Taking Care Of Kittens
E27 Exploring The Forest
E28 Learning About An Eco-House
E29 Making Juice
E30 Doing Science Experiments
E31 Learning About Worms
E32 Making A Medicine Wheel
E33 Riding A Tractor
E34 Collecting Eggs
E35 At The Post Office
E36 Learning about Camels
E37 Building A Tree House
E38 Ballet Dancing
E39 Learning To Ride Her Bike
E40 Learning To Be A Cowgirl
E41 Playing Road Hockey
E42 Exploring A Hot Water Spring
E43 Exploring the Rockies
E44 On A Rainy Day
E45 Dressing Up
E46 Learning About Fireworks
E47 Swimming with Dolphins
E48 Snorkeling
E49 With Cirque du Soleil
E50 Training To Be An Astronaut
E51 Making Strawberry Jam
E52 Building A Sand Sculpture
E53 Making A Collage
E54 With The Blue Man Group
E55 Baking Bread
E56 Planting a Tree
E57 Making Muffins
E58 Making A Sun Catcher
E59 Learning About Rabbits
E60 Making A Wind Chime
E61 Learning About Water Safety
E62 Skipping Rope
E63 Making Cheese
E64 Making A Mask
E65 Playing Soccer
E66 Painting At The Zoo
E67 Singing A Song
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Series Overview:
"This is Emily Yeung" is a captivating children's TV show that follows the curious and adventurous six-year-old Emily Yeung as she explores the world around her. With each episode, Emily dives into new adventures, meeting professionals from various fields and trying out different activities—from cooking and painting to learning about animals and playing sports. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn make this show not only educational but also incredibly fun for young viewers. While "This is Emily Yeung" has ended, its impact on inspiring curiosity in kids remains strong. If you're hoping it might return, sign up for a reminder just in case it returns, so you won't miss out on any potential new adventures with Emily! Generated by ChatGPT4.
2006 - 2006
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