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Season 5:
Ended on December 05, 2023
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Season: 5
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E1 Sep 05, 2023 Is This a Dagger Which I See Before Me?
E2 Sep 12, 2023 No Legacy Is So Rich as Honesty
E3 Sep 19, 2023 To Thine Own Self Be True
E4 Sep 26, 2023 Life's But a Walking Shadow
E5 Oct 03, 2023 Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
E6 Oct 10, 2023 Come What Come May...
E7 Oct 17, 2023 Romeo, Romeo!
E8 Oct 24, 2023 Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent
E9 Oct 31, 2023 So Foul And Fair A Day
E10 Nov 07, 2023 I Am Not Bound To Please...
E11 Nov 14, 2023 The Wheel Is Come Full Circle
E12 Nov 21, 2023 Off With His Head!
E13 Nov 28, 2023 Lose Mine Honor, Lose Myself
E14 Dec 05, 2023 To Be Or Not To Be...
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Series Overview:
Welcome to Plathville is a popular reality TV show that aired on TLC. Season 5 of this captivating series concluded on December 05, 2023. The show revolves around the Plath family, a conservative and strict household residing in rural Georgia. The Plaths are known for their unique lifestyle, which includes limited technology use, homeschooling, and a strong emphasis on traditional values. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the family's journey as they navigated various challenges and celebrated milestones. From the children's exploration of the outside world to the parents' efforts to maintain their beliefs, Welcome to Plathville offers an intriguing glimpse into a different way of life. To stay updated on future seasons, make sure to sign up for a reminder.
2019 - 2023
Reality, Family
United States
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