Premium Subscription Transition

Thank you everyone for all of the positive feedback. I am glad to find that so many of you think the site is easy to use. One of my goals for Series Reminder is to make the site as simple to use as possible. To do one thing, do it well, and don't overwhelm the user with all kinds of extra information. At the same time, I do not want to create an invasive site that farms you for personal information or blasts you with advertisements.

Series Reminder started as a hobby project, because I wanted it for myself, and to learn a few new things. Since then it has grown tremendously and now has hundreds of active users. Operating costs are starting to add up and it really has to have a premium offering if it's going to survive. For me, this survey validates that Series Reminder is something that people value and gives me a starting price of $15 per year. I think this is a fair price for what it does, and more importantly, does not do. You could have a couple avocados go bad and have it cost you ... too bad they don't have notifications.

Premium Subscription Now Available!

It may not be exciting for you, but it is for me. I put allot of time and effort into this site and I am really curious to see if it can pay for itself, and maybe even turn a little profit. The people that use it, us it, and seem to like it, including myself. If you like Series Reminder and get value from it, please buy a premium subscription.

Upgrade Now!

Right now, there is no incentive to buy premium other than wanting to support Series Reminder (Please do!). I have not yet done anything to restrict the site or change the free feature set.

Transition to Premium ... slowly

There will always be some form of a free option for Series Reminder that sends basic email reminders. I am not planning on doing anything drastic overnight. Any changes will slowly be phased in over time and each situation will be evaluated to see if I can grandfather in the feature or not.

I personally do not like sites that farm me for my personal information and have tons of advertisements all over the place. It seems that so many sites go over the top with it these days. Maybe that's why though, they need to in order to make a site financially stable. I will try explore some clean and advertising and affiliate marketing for the site that is not intrusive. At the end of the day though, I think I would rather "encourage" people to buy premium rather than to annoy you with advertisements.


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