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Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Season 2:
Ended on March 29, 2023
Season 2 Air Dates
E1 Jan 04, 2023 Spoils of War
E2 Jan 04, 2023 Ruins of War
E3 Jan 11, 2023 The Solitary Clone
E4 Jan 18, 2023 Faster
E5 Jan 25, 2023 Entombed
E6 Feb 01, 2023 Tribe
E7 Feb 08, 2023 The Clone Conspiracy
E8 Feb 08, 2023 Truth and Consequences
E9 Feb 15, 2023 The Crossing
E10 Feb 22, 2023 Retrieval
E11 Mar 01, 2023 Metamorphosis
E12 Mar 08, 2023 The Outpost
E13 Mar 15, 2023 Pabu
E14 Mar 22, 2023 Tipping Point
E15 Mar 29, 2023 The Summit
E16 Mar 29, 2023 Plan 99
Season Summaries:
  2 Seasons
32 Episodes
2021 - 2023
Season 2
16 Episodes
Jan 04, 2023 - Mar 29, 2023
Season 1
16 Episodes
May 04, 2021 - Aug 13, 2021
Series Overview:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an exciting animated TV show available on Disney+. Set in the Star Wars universe, the show follows a unique group of clone troopers known as "The Bad Batch." Each member possesses exceptional skills, making them a formidable force. Season 2 of The Bad Batch premiered on Disney+ and captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and stunning visuals. Throughout the season, The Bad Batch embarks on daring missions, encountering familiar faces from the Star Wars saga. With unexpected twists and intense action, fans were left on the edge of their seats. Season 2 concluded on March 29, 2023. Don't miss out on the next thrilling installment! Sign up for a reminder to catch the new season!
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Drama, Animation, Adventure, Action
United States
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